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Performance Recording Releases

Active Crossover 2011.03, Armley Millspace, Leeds, UK - Joe Gilmore

Recordings of a number of performances from Active Crossover events have been released as albums by Twice Removed, Cronica, Furthernoise and Stasisfield.

TR057 Elephant in the Salon

Release Date: 04.15

"Christine Schörkhuber and Simon Whetham met in early 2013 through mutual friend Luis Toto Alvarez where the three of them performed collaboratively in Quillota, Chile. 

The opportunity to collaborate once more arose while Simon was in residence at Villa Waldberta, Feldafing, Germany Feb-Mar 2014. Christine visited to share time and exchange ideas, which led to a number of recording sessions during which the artists pushed each other to create a work that is uncharacteristic of their solo activities."


Click HERE to visit the Twice Removed website

Crónica 065~2012 VVAA: Crossovers
Release Date: 01.12

"Gathered on this compilation are a number of the crossover sections, where artists who had not met or collaborated before are captured performing together for the first time."

Artists featured include Colin Potter, Jonathan Coleclough, Dominic Lash, Philip Jeck, Rhodri Davies, Ben Gwilliam, Scanner, Iris Garrelfs, Jo Thomas, Bela Emerson and SJ Esau

Click HERE to view the release and download

FNCD006 Active Crossover II
Release Date: 08.10

" is proud to present the second in a series of net label compilation releases, Active Crossover II, featuring recordings of collaborative live performances at the Cella Venue and Grey Area Gallery, Brighton, UK in February, 2010. "

Apologies, currently unavailable...​

SF8002 Active Crossover
Release Date: 15.02.10

"...A series of live duets, these performances feature an array of sonic approaches by some of the UK's finest contemporary sound artists including Douglas Benford, Jez Riley French, Iris Garrelfs, Joined by Wire, Silver Stairs of Ketchikan and Alexander Thomas."

Click HERE to view the release and download

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