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May 2017
Resulting works and lasting collaborations...

This update is a little overdue, but we feel important... we would like to highlight some of the projects that were, if not a direct result of Active Crossover, then at least in some way came about because of the combinations of artists invited to participate in the live events between 2009 and 2011.

Joseph Young and Mike Blow already had previously colluded prior to AC, but a big development came last year with Joseph inviting Mike to participate in the sound and ceramic project 'Landscape : Islands' at the Ceramic House in Brighton, UK.

Nick Edwards (Ekoplekz) invited Tom Bugs to perform alongside him once again in Bristol following their crossover at the Arnolfini in 2011.

SJ Esau released a song that began with a crossover collaboration with Kathy Hinde that appeared on his album 'Exploding Views' - video here:

Plus they also reprised the performance at The Cube in Bristol in 2014 - video here:

And finally Rebecca Joy Sharp and Philip Jeck continued to work together, creating 'Rules of the Moon', a performance with live and recorded text, sound and film.  First performed at the Bluecoat, Liverpool they then went on to show the work at the Hidden Door in Leith in 2013.

Sound clip here:


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